5 Easy Last-minute Halloween Costumes

Do you need a last-minute Halloween costume for yourself or your child using items you likely have on hand? I’ve got you covered.

1) Baseball player: Put on a baseball jersey (or grab an old, white shirt and get artistic with markers to draw your own jersey) and a matching baseball cap, black or white leggings/pants tucked into tall white socks, and sneakers. Bonus items: Draw on eye black with eyeliner and grab a baseball mitt/bat.

2) Mickey Mouse: Throw on a black turtleneck/long-sleeve shirt, red pants/shorts (over black leggings), and black Mickey ears. Bonus items: Draw a black circle nose on your nose with eyeliner and wear yellow shoes, if you have them.

3) Rain cloud: Grab an old white/light gray solid color t-shirt and pants (or turn the shirt inside out so that it’s free of print/pattern) then freehand draw a large cumulus cloud shape on the front of the shirt with a marker and use fabric/hot glue to adhere cotton balls to the outline and interior of the cloud drawing. Draw rain drops on the shirt beaneath the cloud and on the pants using blue marker. Bonus items: Wear rain boots and carry an umbrella. (Note: do not wear the clothing items while gluing and drawing on them… that’s just not a good idea.)

4) Birthday baby: Grab an old white t-shirt and draw a “1” o “2” on it in big, block print using a marker. Throw on pants or a tutu, sneakers, and a birthday hat. Be sure to rock a big, goofy grin. Bonus items: Hold a cupcake (real or fake) or a noise maker, and smear frosting around your mouth.

5) Table: Grab an old brown/white shirt and use fabric/hot glue to adhere plastic cutlery, a paper plate, and a paper cup to the shirt in the form of a place setting. Bonus items: plastic food glued to the plate… keep it light weight though or it may fall off. (Note: don’t glue while wearing the clothes… be smart.)

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