I began this blog to share my parenting experiences so as to help others not feel broken or alone in the beautiful mess of parenthood. Back in the infancy of this blog, I was a dairy-free breastmilk donor of three very young mom, close-in-age children.

Now, no longer a breastmilk donor, I am a yoga teacher, a gluten-free vegan, an allergy mom, a fierce advocate for my gender-expansive middle child and others like him, a reiki practitioner, and a homeschool parent. With three unique children — a strong-willed daughter, a creative sparkly son, and a kind-hearted rough-and-tumble son — life teaches me every day and holds me accountable to my values. But keeps, most of all, it keeps me laughing.

Parenting is an amazing gift but it’s not glamorous… or easy. Immeasurable love, gut-wrenching worry, sleeplessness, laughter, priceless memories, life lessons, tests of patience, feats of emotional and physical strength, much personal growth, and poop (so much poop!) are the stuff of the parenting journey. I’m here to share it all — good, bad, and silly — so no one feels alone on this path. We’re in it together!

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