Breastfeeding Uncovered

Today I am proud of myself. Today I breastfed in public entirely uncovered. No blanket, no baby carrier, no scarf, nothing. And you no what? No one flinched!

2016-08-14 12.44.03.jpg

We were seaside and it was a land-breeze day. Biting flies and swampy heat sent us wading into the sea for relief. My one-year-old wanted to nurse. So, I breastfed him there facing the waves.

At first I was nervous that someone would say something snarky. I considered possible kind-but-clear responses. None felt right. Then, I looked around. Everyone was so busy with their own vacation experiences that they didn’t even notice me. If anyone did, they certainly didn’t say anything.

So I continued. It was liberating not feeling the need to hide, to make myself physically uncomfortable for the supposed comfort of someone else. I simply fed my hungry child away from the pesky biting insects and enjoyed the cool waves at my feet.

Three kids it has taken me to get here. With my first, I’d pump and bottle feed in public — even at the beach — leaving me uncomfortably engorged. With my second I’d hide in a hot beach tent with a cover (that was truly miserable.) With my third, I’ve generally tossed on a light cover or utilized the coverage of a baby carrier to nurse in public. Be a faster learner than I. Do what makes YOU comfortable. Few if any care or notice, and if they do that’s on them.

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