Healthy, Dairy-free Packable Kid-friendly Lunch

Hummus dippers are a hit around here. The kids, Hubs, and I all love them. Heavy on the veggies and light on fat, it’s a healthy packable option.

You can use whatever raw veggies you like best. Sugar snap peas, broccoli, fennel, green beans, asparagus, romaine leaves, mushrooms, and radishes are fun. The kids were anti-bell-peppers because… I have no idea why. A unicorn farted and the wind changed… your guess is as good as mine. So we did cucumber, carrot, and cherry tomatoes alongside the grilled chicken and Doctor Kracker Seeded Spelt Crispbreads. You could easily substitute pita chips or pita bread for the crispbreads. Triscuits and Wasa crackers are tasty too.

Here’s how you throw together this easy, healthy, portable lunch:

Hummus Dippers

Hummus Dippers



– Grilled chicken strips (we used homemade from a large batch of chicken breasts we grilled, sliced, and froze, but packaged grilled chicken strips are also an option)

– Carrot sticks

– Cucumber slices

– Cherry tomatoes

– Dairy-free whole grain crackers/crispbreads

– Hummus (Sabra makes individual to-go portions but we just scooped from the tub this time)


– Place the chicken and veggies into a sealable container.

– Pack the crackers separately to avoid sogginess.

– Scoop hummus into an individual portion size container or throw in a prepackaged individual serving of hummus.

– Add a beverage, a freezer pack, and a side of fruit for a healthy, portable lunch.

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