Kid-friendly Packable Dairy-free Lunch

With summer unofficially starting for some, packable lunches for kids and adults alike are a must. Road trips, beach vacations, playdates, camps, outdoor concerts, picnics… summer is full of meal-packing opportunities, (especially if you’re dairy-free.) Here is one of our favorite packable meals:


Deconstructed Fajita Dippers

Deconstructed Fajita Dippers


-Grilled chicken strips (ours were homemade… we had made a big batch of grilled chicken breast, sliced up the extra, and froze it, but the pre-made packaged strips are also an option)

-Bell pepper strips

-Cherry tomatoes

-UTZ Multigrain Tortillas (or your favorite dairy-free tortilla chips)

-Guacamole (I used Wholly Guacamole Classic Minis, but homemade guac is a great option too)


Place the chicken, peppers, and tomatoes into a sealable container.

Pack the chips separately.

Either toss in a prepackaged individual serving of guacamole or scoop the desired amount of your own guacamole into a small container.

Include a beverage, an ice pack, and a side of fruit for an easy packable lunch.

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