At 4.5-years-old and the eldest sibling, #1 has some strong maternal inclinations showing through. She rushes downstairs in the morning, breezing past me and lobbing a quick “good morning” to her dad, as she belines it for #3. Hugs, cuddles, happy morning greetings, and excited playtime ensues.

After pre-bed storytime, which #1 and #2 like to do in my husband’s and my bed, #1 now likes to tuck in #2. She pulls up his covers, hands him his pacifier, sings him a song, then kisses him goodnight before gently closing his door and heading to her room for her tuck-in.

#1 has begun helping #2 go to the potty now too. She can be a little overbearing — insisting on a potty seat despite #2 not needing one — but is really quite thorough.

I may be able to take some time off if this continues!

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