Guys and Dolls

My nearly-3-year-old son loves princesses, dress-ups, and Barbies. Partially it’s because it’s what he is exposed to as “cool” since he has a big sister who loves these items. Partially it’s because, well, those interests simply appeal his preschooler self.

Considering he’s highly active, impressionable, and accident-prone, I’m grateful he hasn’t inundated himself in more violent interests. Instead of play-fighting or play-shooting, he’s diligently grooming dolls, practicing self-care through dressing himself in layers of costumes, and admiring females. I see nothing wrong with this in the least.

His present interests don’t make him lesser, don’t diminish his masculinity, don’t define his gender or sexual identity, and don’t endanger anyone at all… except for maybe those who feel personally threatened by a tulle-wearing blue-eyed boy holding a singing Ariel doll.

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