Proud Moment

The parenting experience is comprised of moments. There are happy moments and sad moments, fleeting moments and exhausting moments, memorable moments and mundane moments, beautiful moments and grotesque moments, tender moments and frustrating moments, embarrassing moments and proud momrnts. This morning was a proud one.

#2 had to get blood drawn for a food allergy panel. He was patient in the waiting room. He advocated for himself when he was nervous by asking to sit on my lap as we waited our turn. He was friendly to the phlebotomist and so brave during the blood draw — not even a flinch — that the phlebotomist called #2 his hero. Then, when we stopped for a smoothie on the way home as a reward for #2’s great behavior, #2 asked to select a treat for #1, #3, and his dad. He carefully selected a perfectly personalized and appropriate treat for each person. I was so impressed.

This boy who gets stuck in the oddest places, who has a flair for potty humor, and a shriek that can pierce eardrums, made me glow with maternal pride. We must be doing something right!