Dairy-free Snack Find and Energy Ball Recipe

Don’t you love when you find a tasty, healthy, dairy-free product that the whole family loves? Don’t you love when products pull double-duty? I sure do.

My latest dairy-free snack find: Coconut Bites. Crunchy, sweet, organic, simple ingredients (and healthy, milk supply boosting fats, if you’re so inclined)… these things are addictive.

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The one downfall? The shredded coconut and seed fallout left at the bottom of the bag. Rather than chuck that deliciousness — or feed it to the local wildlife — here’s an easy way to repurpose it.  Coconut Energy Balls!!


Coconut Bites + Sunbutter + Honey = Coconut Energy Balls

Coconut Bites + Sunbutter + Honey = Coconut Energy Balls


Coconut Bites scraps from the bottom of the bag

1-2 spoonfuls of Sunbutter  (depending upon the amount of scraps)

1 spoonful of honey


Mix all of the ingredients together in a big bowl.

Form the mixture into balls. (Wet your hands under the tap before rolling the mixture into balls.)

Refrigerate the energy balls for at least 1 hour to set.